The CACFP is designed to provide good nutrition, but the USDA can only do so much. At Karamu we are committed to making nutrition easy and economical. We offer a host of benefits to assure that your CACFP participation is a pleasant and positive experience. Click here to learn more.


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The Karamu Nutrition Program announces sponsorship of the USDA's Child And Adult Care Food Program. Click Herefor the full news release!

Welcome to Karamu!

The Karamu Nutrition Program (KNP) is one of the fastest growing non-profit food program sponsors in Tennessee. Karamu’s founder and Executive Director is Ms Vera, who is herself a childcare provider in Memphis and a nationally known advocate for provider and children’s causes. Karamu is a provider friendly organization which has built a strong reputation of treating its’ providers with respect and courtesy; Ms Vera will have it no other way!

Karamu’s mission is to provide a variety of services for childcare providers. However, our core service is CACFP sponsorship. In fact, we were originally founded primarily to serve as a CACFP sponsor. To learn more about the CACFP, click here.


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